Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Not Just A Slogan: Credit Unions Do Care

One thing I’ve always loved about my work with credit unions is that they truly DO CARE about their members. I’ve had the opportunity to work for three very different credit unions during my career, all with unique personalities. But one common denominator stood clear: each would do whatever they could for the benefit of their members. Now, through my new business, I’m able to help many credit unions connect with their members.

an article I prepared For an MPI client, A CU in NY

african american coupleSay Goodbye To Holiday Debt – How To Pay Down Debt Faster

The New Year brings resolutions, a fresh start, and sometimes, a mound of debt left over from the holidays. Get rid of that debt with these money-saving ideas. It’s a fresh start for a better, more balanced checkbook!

1. Give your debt an honest look. Even though it may be painful, you have to know the amount of debt you have before you can determine a realistic payoff plan. Tally it up. Then assess the damage before going further.

2. Consider a balance transfer. Consolidating your higher interest rate debt with a less expensive credit card or loan is the sensible way to lower monthly payments. It can also reduce the overall cost of your debt. By consolidating, you can save hundreds of dollars in interest charges, depending on how much you owe.

3. Stop using credit cards until your debt is paid off. This step may seem obvious, but it’s easy to talk yourself into buying things you don’t need, especially if you start receiving promotional offers from other credit card companies.

4. Make that bonus check work harder for you. If your employer gives you a year-end bonus, or if you anticipate getting a tax refund, dedicate most (if not all) of those funds to paying off your loan and credit card debt.

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