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Home Equities: On Every CU’s To-Do List

Here’s an article from one of the MPI clients I assist. See how this CU decided to help its members with two distinct home equity options.

resolve home boostWith A Home Equity Loan

Many of us begin the year with a personal strategy to get in better shape. Why not resolve to get your home in top condition, too? A low-cost Home Equity Loan from xxx Credit Union can help with the financing – to give your home the boost it deserves.

First, decide what needs to be done along with a manageable timetable. If you desire to get those improvements or repairs finished by spring, call us now. We can get your application underway. Then select the type of loan that fits your needs. You can choose from our fixed rate option or variable rate line of credit.

Two Versatile Home Equity Loans

  • A fixed rate Home Equity Loan is perfect for a single project. It offers a low fixed rate and set repayment term.
  • A variable rate Home Equity Line of Credit is replenished as you repay. It’s available to use again and again, as your needs change.

With both, you’ll enjoy low monthly payments and possible tax savings. Always consult your tax advisor regarding the tax deductibility of your loan.

Your Equity Can Fund Most Any Project:

  • New Roof Or Windows
  • New Kitchen Or Bath
  • New Furnace
  • Room Addition For A Growing Family

Whatever boost your home needs, a CU Home Equity Loan or Credit Line can help. Apply online or at any branch office.

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