Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Fab Prose Takes Flight

cloudsI’m thrilled to see my business, Fab Prose & Professional Writing, take flight with two new clients. Welcome Marketing Partners, Inc. and CUES.

Already I’m delving into a range of projects. I’m providing one client with a fresh focus for their youth programs. Considering my love for children and exposure to many types of kids, the project is near to my heart. As any parent knows, kids know only too well how to spend money. So financial education can never start too early. For any of us. I’ve also prepared newsletter copy for many credit unions on the east coast.

In addition, I’ve been hired by CUES Credit Union Management Magazine as a contributing writer. Watch for my first article in March. It will offer best practices on the timely topic of SEO, or Search Engine Optimization. It’s been fascinating to speak with SEO experts from across the nation. My second article, on member segmentation, will follow this spring.

Stay close as I share more success stories with you.

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