Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Happy New Year!

Welcome…Fab Prose Professional Writing

Recently I celebrated my 49th birthday. And with it, the realization that in one more year this girl will be half a century. It’s a bit humbling and more than a little crazy. Moving forward, I’m excited for a fantastic year in 2013. I’m living life as I like. A life of integrity taught to me by my parents. It’s also growing up with and around three rambunctious boys, a fairly patient husband, and not-so-patient black lab-pointer mix. Throughout it all, writing has become my passion.

With the launch of my new business, Fab Prose Professional Writing, I’m excited to share my expertise with you. Do you want to standout among the peers in your trade? Or, gain added visibility within the communities you serve? With the raging popularity of social media, it can be done quickly and inexpensively, creating an easy link between you and your customers. Or, let’s combine the new with the old. We can tell your story using traditional newsletters, direct mail, and press releases.

Fab Prose Professional Writing

Fab Prose Professional Writing

Let’s give a boost to your corporate communications strategy. I can take what you have and make it better, or formulate new ideas to get your program rolling. The world of communications is fun, diverse, and dynamic…so don’t let the lack of an on-site expert slow you down. Let me fill that void for your communications needs.

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