Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Rates Are Important…

But Ease And Convenience Often Seal The Deal.

Here’s how one client incorporated low loan rates with the other benefits of credit union financing.

CAUTION! falling sign croppedFALLING RATES AHEAD

Get the car you want! And, save with remarkably low rates. Along with 100% financing, our loans will help you save in every way:

  • Lower Monthly Payments
  • No Fees Or Prepayment Penalties
  • Less Total Interest Paid

Trade-In Or Trade-Up

Maybe you’re tired of your old gas-guzzler. Maybe it’s time for a roomier vehicle. Whatever your new needs, we’ll make your next new car purchase affordable and easy.

Get Pre-approved

Apply now, before you go car shopping. This lets you negotiate like a cash buyer for the best deal possible.

Easy Refinance

If you have a loan from another lender, check the rate you’re paying. We can help you save with a quick and easy refinance.

Apply Today!

Take this opportunity to save. Apply online at or stop by any branch.


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