Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Sincere Service Credit Unions Provide

~ As a credit union consultant and marketer, I’ve written hundreds of Presidents’ messages. While themes vary, the message always centers on the members they serve. Credit unions provide a true public benefit. They bring to life a vision of sincerely serving the needs of their members. ~

Here’s one message I recently prepared for an MPI CU client:

President’s Message

Since their inception, credit unions have existed solely to serve their members. We’re not-for-profit financial institutions. Our directors are volunteers who serve without pay. Most importantly, we work for you, our members, not outside stockholders demanding profits.

You’ll see a consistent theme throughout this newsletter – ways we’re working to improve your financial well-being. Whether it’s a low-cost auto loan or credit card balance transfer – or just helping you to understand your credit report – we’re here for you. We’re also proud to now be partnering with Sallie Mae to offer low-cost student loans to members. With The Smart Option Student Loan Program, your student has access to a variety of options to finance his or her college education.

When you become a member, you also become part-owner. You have access to a full range of financial services and so does your family. We encourage you to share the benefits of membership with relatives and co-workers. Let them know you’ve found a place to call home for your finances; not because the products are so very different from other institutions, but because the service is. We pride ourselves on putting you first. It’s part of the credit union philosophy of people helping people.

Let us help with all of your financial needs today.

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