Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

It’s Time For TurboTax®!

turbo tax -logoLots of CUs offer TurboTax® at a discount to their members. And many have been offering tax tips in their newsletters. I guess it truly IS the season. Hopefully, this year’s tax journey will be uneventful for you. Make sure to find every deduction you deserve. And maybe, TurboTax can lend a hand to you too! There’s plenty of resources out there, including the IRS website, which is chock-full of tax goodies.

a newsletter excerpt from one of the MPI clients I assist:

It’s Tax Time Again
Make It Less Painful With TurboTax®

Discounts on TurboTax are available to help you tap into the experts for your
best refund possible.

Benefits include:

■ Tax professionals available year-round
■ A thorough review to garner every  deduction you deserve
■ Step-by-step guidance on your tax  preparation
■ 100% accurate calculations

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