Stephanie Schwenn Sebring

Stolen Wallet Doesn’t Dampen Florida Vacation


April 14, 2012

Member is Hand Delivered New Debit Card Within 24 hours! 

Kalamazoo, Mich. – On Friday, March 27th, Polly Baker, Senior Teller for Consumers Credit Union’s Cambridge Office, received a phone call from the Member Service Center with a member asking for her; it was long-time and established member, Jim J. She had his account up on the computer before he got through to her; he was in Florida and just had his wallet stolen. Jim needed a new debit card right away and would pay to have a new card overnighted to him.

Member Jim J., Consumers Credit Union, has new Debit Card hand delivered to him in Florida.

Polly assured him she would get him his card, even if she had to drive it there herself. She went to one of her colleagues, Member Service Representative, Leslie Ashbaugh, to tell her about Jim’s predicament and the necessity to overnight a debit card directly to Jim in Florida. Thinking quickly, Leslie asked where in Florida he was staying. Polly replied Fort Lauderdale; and, without hestiation, Leslie said she happened to be flying there herself for a vacation the following evening…and would hand deliver to Jim his new debit card!

Polly immediately called the credit union’s Credit Card Department so a stolen status could be placed on his credit card to prevent fraudulent activity from occuring; she also ordered Jim a new credit card to be sent directly to the Cambridge Office upon his return. An instant issue debit card was prepared right from the office for Leslie to take to Jim. And, after a few more phone calls, Jim was all taken care of. 

Leslie met Jim at the airport in Florida and gave him his new debit card. Meanwhile, Polly was spending her lunch hour with the Secretary of State getting a phone number for Jim to call so he could get appropriate ID to board his plane, when the time came, without a driver’s license.

Now, Jim is safely home and very happy that Consumers Credit Union is his credit union! (He also returned the favor upon his return by ‘hand delivering’ lunch to his friends and trusted advisors at the Cambridge Office.)


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