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With Just 13 Days Left…How Did You Save This Summer?

~ As summer is winding down, let us help you get the most out of your time with family and friends. At Connexus Credit Union, we’re your resource for planning a savings strategy. First, select a few areas where you can cut back. Then try to set aside a bit more into a savings or emergency fund.

Vacation vs. Staycation

family in park

Many families are opting to take a “staycation” – staying home, but planning special treats to keep the vacation-feel going. Take a look at what your town offers; pick a spot you’ve never visited and enjoy a fun day without leaving town! Does your city offer a semi-pro baseball team? Is there a water park nearby? Contact your chamber or local travel bureau to see what attractions or events are scheduled.

Household Savings

You can also save money around the house during the warmer months. Try one or more of these ideas to add to your summer savings.

Participate in a neighborhood or co-op garden. And share the harvest in the fall!

Visit a farmer’s market. Abundant during the summer months, you can take advantage of fresh fruits and vegetables grown locally for added savings.

Buy in bulk. When you can, buy in larger quantity. Also, make a list every time you visit the grocery store and stick to it.

Grab a paintbrush. Set a goal to freshen one or more rooms around the house. Paint is one of the least expensive improvements you can make, with a hugely visible and satisfying difference.

Turn off the air. Try limiting the amount of time you run the air conditioner. Set a goal to run it only if temperatures exceed 90 degrees. Set up a few more fans around the house for less expensive cooling. Keep windows open during the cooler hours; and, grill out instead of turning on the oven.

Weather-proof your home. It’s not just important in the winter; appropriate insulation helps keep your house cooler during the warmer months, too.

Turn down your water heater. A great way to save some money when it’s warmer outside, you’ll hardly notice if the water’s a bit cooler in the shower.

Have a potluck. Instead of dining out with friends, plan a potluck. They’re fun and usually delicious!

Walk wherever you can. It may sound a bit cliché, but challenge yourself to walk to a few more places rather than getting behind the wheel. The savings on fuel can add up quickly.

Repurposing: Making The Old New Again

At Connexus, we’re all about going green. Visiting rummage and garage sales may be one of the first approaches to reusing and saving, rather than buying new. You can often snag great bargains at local sales for things ranging from household items, to clothing and toys.

baby grand repurposedRepurposing is also an interesting way to reuse items which may seem obsolete. One of our favorites? Turning a dysfunctional baby grand piano into a bookcase. Here’s the link to show you what we mean:

With repurposing, the ideas are endless; pick a favorite of yours and start crafting!

Kid-Friendly Ideas

Volunteer. Each of us can have an impact on our community. Show your kids ways they can volunteer – visit a nursing home, pick up trash, or go work at a food bank for a day.

Visit your local library. Most have events planned just for kids. Check what your library has to offer this summer. Many feature reading programs and book clubs for both kids and adults.

Research area parks. The U.S. has wonderful places to explore – some may be right in your own backyard. Visit to discover an outdoor adventure perfect for your family.

Introduce your kids to Connexus.  With our Koloa Club savings program, kids can learn to save for a special purchase, like a new bike or video game. They also earn Koloa Bucks with each deposit, redeemable for gifts and prizes. It’s the fun way to teach your kids how and why to save.

Remember, at Connexus, we’re here to help meet your goals.
Stop in or call us today at 800-845-5025.

More sources to find savings:

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