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The FBI: Always A Good Source

Many of my clients are including this information I found on the FBI website.

Beware: New Email Scams On The Rise

computer and lockInventive crooks continue to find ways to sabotage our financial well-being. Watch for the latest scam, which uses the FBI’s name. It’s called Ransomware, and it’s used to intimidate victims into paying a fine to “unlock” their computers. It often references the FBI. There’s also been an increase in criminals who use spear-phishing attacks to target multiple industry sectors.

According To The FBI’s Website:

Spear-phishing allows criminals to access private computer networks. They create fake identities, steal intellectual property, and compromise financial credentials to steal money from victims’ accounts.

Cyber criminals target victims because of their involvement in an industry or organization they wish to compromise. Often, the e-mails contain accurate information about victims obtained via a previous intrusion or from data posted on social networking sites, blogs, or other websites. This information adds a veneer of legitimacy to the message, increasing the chances the victims will open the e-mail and respond as directed.

Recent attacks have convinced victims that software or credentials they use to access websites needs to be updated. The e-mail contains a link for completing the update. If victims click the link, they are taken to a fraudulent website through which malicious software (malware) harvests details such as the victim’s usernames and passwords, bank account details, credit card numbers, and other personal information.

Don’t Be A Victim

Legitimate businesses, including banks, merchants and other online entities, typically will not ask for personal information by e-mail. Be aware. Be suspicious – and when in doubt, call the company directly or type their website’s address into your browser. Don’t use the telephone number provided in the e-mail. This is likely to be bogus, as well.

Read More From The Source:

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