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Purchasing Your Next New Car: What To Consider

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Blog PicsThe car of your dreams is within reach by collecting information and staying disciplined. Here are some tips to make the car buying process less stressful and more affordable:

1. If your car is paid, pretend you still have a payment. Instead of making a payment on the ‘loan’, deposit it into a savings account.2. Fight the temptation to buy a new car. Purchasing a pre-owned vehicle will stretch your dollars further, while giving you a reliable, great-looking vehicle.

3. Think carefully about your dream car. Consider needs versus wants, and potential lifestyle changes.

4. Nail down the make, model and features you want, IN DETAIL. Then have two dealers try to win your business with the lowest possible price. The more dealers you visit, the more you will save. To find the vehicle you want at a dealer near you, check out Connexus’ free CarFinder service.

5. Get preapproved at Connexus before you shop. This increases your bargaining power and eliminates the stress of dealing with the Financing and Insurance Department at the dealer.

6. Shop for the dealer who will not only give you the best price on the vehicle purchase, but for your trade-in; keep the negotiations separate.

7. Shop off-season. Christmas is an excellent time to purchase a new vehicle, as is August through October when vehicle prices start to drop to make room for the new model year.

8. Some experts recommend shopping in the third and fourth weeks of the month, and to avoid Saturdays altogether.

9. Don’t feel pressured to buy extras, lower your trade-in value, or accept dealer financing.

10. Calculate fuel, insurance and maintenance costs before you buy, along with the vehicle’s safety record. All can have a significant impact on your budget.

11. Review the vehicle’s safety performance by visiting sites like  and

12. The negotiation process isn’t always fun, but being prepared and keeping your emotions at bay can help you get the best deal.

At Connexus, our loan officers can provide more tips on how you can save on your next car purchase. They’re in contact with dealerships daily and have learned a few tricks of their own. Our car finder service is also an excellent comparison tool.

In addition, we can help you establish a plan to save for the vehicle’s down payment. Designating a special account with automatic deposits is one way. If you’re ready to buy now, apply online at our auto loan website.

Tomorrow: Read how you can save time and money with the financing options at Connexus Credit Union…and receive a 1% rate discount.

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