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CU Mortgages For Sale

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People from all parts of the country are refinancing their mortgages at rates that still sit at historic lows. I’ve written numerous articles for credit unions promoting mortgages and easy refinance programs. The bottom line? Savings can still be garnered by many individuals. If you haven’t yet, check to see what interest rate you’re paying. By refinancing, you could save thousands of dollars over the life of the loan, and potentially reduce the number of years left to pay. The savings can be huge!

Here’s How One CU Is Promoting Mortgages To Its Members

If you haven’t recently refinanced your mortgage, you’re probably paying too much in interest charges or making payments that are too high. At xyz CU, we’re offering record low rates along with the opportunity to reduce your monthly payment…or reduce the term of your mortgage…or BOTH!

To help you get started, take a look at our special mortgage program. We’ll finance the purchase of your new home or refinance your current mortgage at an incredibly low rate. You can also choose from various options designed to lower your monthly payment. All while SAVING you over $1,000 in fees!

For a Limited Time Only Save Over $1,000 in Fees – Refinance & New Purchases

• No Origination Fee

• All Attorney Review Fees Waived

• Application Fee Refunded At Closing

Apply Now!

At xyz, we offer great rates, low fees and the expertise of working with mortgage professionals you know you can trust. Our team will look out for your needs and provide excellent service throughout the life of your mortgage.

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